Summit presents Mele Kalama-Kingma’s line of organic, handmade and locally sourced body powders and deodorants named for her late grandmother and well-known Kailua kumu hula, Kekauilani Kalama, also known fondly as Mama Lani. Contains ingredients sourced from family farms on Hawai‘i and O‘ahu islands.

Despite being able to find Mamalani products around the globe, each batch is still made, by hand, in Kailua. “I’ll prepare some ingredients and then go into the other room to wash the clothes and then come back,” Kalama-Kingma says. Demand for her powders has gotten so great, she’s enlisted her father’s help with farming, packaging and more; growing the company simply means an opportunity for her to work more with her family, which is one of the things she loves most about Mamalani. That and spreading her powders—and culture—with a wider audience than ever previously possible.

“Every interaction with customers is an opportunity to share who we are [in Hawai‘i],” says Kalama-Kingma. “It’s not just about the products; it’s a reflection of the Hawaiian people, of the land, and the connection here for generations. Like the powders, life comes from the land. And both are forged with aloha.”


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