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Maui Divers of Hawaii started in 1958 as an undersea touring company in Lahaina, Maui which was once a bustling whaler's port. Experienced local guides escorted adventurous visitors on diving excursions to experience the astonishing beauty of the island's exotic ocean environment.

A fishing expedition in the deep waters off the Moloka`i Channel led Maui Divers to the discovery of Hawaiian black coral, one of the ocean's finest treasures and now considered to be the most lustrous coral in the world. Maui Divers Jewelry was founded in 1959 when the company began designing, manufacturing and selling Hawaiian black coral jewelry.

In 1962, the company expanded operations and relocated to Honolulu. Over the decades since, Maui Divers Jewelry has grown to become the largest manufacturer of precious coral jewelry in the world, as well as the largest jewelry manufacturer in the state of Hawai`i.

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