Transmitting hula knowledge: currency and kuleana
Carrying an ancient tradition into the modern era read
After the Pulse massacre, a gay scholar finds inclusiveness in Islam
A personal and academic quest to find an inclusive God leads a queer scholar to delve into the breadth of belief Islam has to offer read
Kalani Pe‘a makes global connections through his music
Summit interviews the grammy-winning singer/songwriter ahead of a Blue Note Hawaii show and the release of a new album. read
History and resilience experienced through Kalihi Ahupua‘a Bike Ride
Like wheels on a bicycle, Kalihi and its people will keep on turning through the ups and downs of life read
Summit + Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina
Lokahi Orian shares the art of shell lei-making at the Four Seasons
Through hana pūpū, Orian becomes a vessel for traditional knowledge read
The belt and road to democratized globalization
China's Belt and Road Initiative is infrastructure and trade development on such a massive scale that it has the potential to reshape the world geopolitical order read
Summit + Hawaii Opera Theatre
Hawaii Opera Theatre's chorus for the commons
Hawaii Opera Theatre's all-volunteer chorus supports world-class stars read
Summit + Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative
HLRI Works to Preserve Forestry at Kahuā Ranch
Partnering with legacy land steward Monty Richards, HLRI furthers its forestry goals read
Lessons from the #missilethreat
Hawaiʻi residents and their loved ones got a chance to feel what South Koreans have felt for decades: the threat of impending doom. What can we learn from the experience? read
Aotearoa’s Finest: Big hearts, big voices and much aroha
Aotearoa’s Finest expresses the strength of Pacific cultural resurgence through emotionally powerful music and dance read
Jim Brickman’s piano paints elemental emotion-scapes
The composer, pianist and anchor to your “Soothing Songs” Spotify playlist visits Hawaiʻi this week read
Summit + Maui Divers Jewelry
The quest for coral that put Maui Divers Jewelry on the map
A deep dive into the history of one of Hawaiʻi's most valued brands read
The best music of 2017
Summit music writer Gary Chun curates another list of the best tunes from a turbulent year read
Defining the School of the Future
What goals should we hold for educating our children in the 21st century; what sort of infrastructure will we need to build? read
From factory to garden: Changing the 21st century educational narrative
Sowing success for our children in the 21st century will require a foundational revision of our entire educational ethos read

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