Alex Eteuati

Text Summit Staff

Summit (S): How do you make use of the O'ahu Makerspace?

Alex Eteuati (AE): Right now I'm working on projects for the elementary school my kids are at—Palolo Elementary. I'm retired army and a blacksmith and I've been learning how to use the micro-engravers and the milling machines. I also used reclaimed wood to make all new cabinets for my house.

S: What drives you to create?

AE: After I retired from the military I was a cop for a few years and retired from that too; this keeps me working with my hands. As long as my hands are moving, my brain follows along. It just keeps me busy. If I'm not with my kids or tutoring A+ or teaching at the Pālolo public housing, I'm here.

S: How has the O'ahu Makerspace impacted your craft and your livelihood?

AE: I've been learning so much here; everyday it's something brand new. It's like I'll turn around and next thing I know I'm making something I didn't know I could make. It's a really good environment. There's a couple of us that are retired combat veterans and Ross has been really, really cool about helping out the vet community. Making sure we have a place to come and do something like this is just so huge for us.

Read more about O'ahu Makerspace here.


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