Hanau o Hawai‘i, He Moku: The hiapo awaits her siblings

Text Jamaica Osorio

When I awake
I am cold at the center
Some of my edges cool from the chill of the pacific
I feel a stillness settling in the water
I wonder how long I might be alone
Until I feel a quake
Something has changed
I am no longer the only infant to this ocean

There is a sister
Her head turned away
I see only the bridge of her back
A sharp spine, leads to a dramatic point
I cry out to her
Hoping to carry her name on my lips
to bridge this blue between us
She does not stir

All at once I remember the calm
silence before her
how this quiet is not quite the same
seeing her makes it louder

Another shake cracks at the base of my chest
he is long
red edges bleeding into the sea
I worry for the dark ring around him

Kahi, lua, kolu, and then more are born
they all remain
the ocean calms
and I am alone
learning the depth of pō


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