The rise of a new, global, indigenous left
From Mauna Kea to Standing Rock, and all around the world, indigenous resistance in the digital age has gone global read
Summit + Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative
Made in the shade
"I am a ‘woodholic – I love wood." read
Great music from here and beyond at Blue Note Hawaii
From sweet Hawaiian to funk metal read
Elon Musk speaks out about space, solar and not being sad

Elon Musk spoke at the TED conference and discussed his expanding portfolio of companies – space, electric cars, underground tunnels, solar panels and artificial intelligence.

Events: Last week of Honolulu Biennial, Hawai'i Book & Music Festival
Conclusion of successful arts festival and start of popular books/music festival read
Amazon wants to put a camera in your dressing room

Motherboard asked an important question about Echo Look, Amazon's new style app and gadget which uses artificial intelligence to evaluate your outfit.

Motherboard also asked if Echo Look photos, videos, and the data gleaned from them would be sold to third parties; the company did not address that question.
Film director Jonathan Demme: 'I've always followed my enthusiasm'
An American original dies at age 73 read
Maoli Arts Movement 2017 Events
2017 programming for the Maoli Arts Movement read

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