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Rachel Maddow: 'I want to matter'

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In these trying times of surviving President Donald Trump and the sometimes maddening freneticism that is the 24/7 cycle of cable news, one lone liberal voice that has kept true and steady throughout her time on air. Because of Rachel Maddow's thorough and nose-to-the-grindstone reporting, her time has finally arrived to be duly recognized for her efforts.

Because of the political maelstrom we're in, Variety reports that a combined viewing of the Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC is up 33 percent through the first week of June compared with the same period last year. Maddow's primetime audience itself has tripled in numbers and her show is number-one in its timeslot. ( The Rachel Maddow Show can be seen live on MSNBC currently at 3 p.m. weekdays Hawaii time.)

In its latest issue, Rolling Stone calls her "America's wonkiest anchor (who has) cut through the chaos of the Trump administration." Her Rhodes scholar-honed skills in analysis has always been her strong suit over a marketable face and personality since her news program first aired about a decade ago.

And in Trump, she has a worthy nemesis. She looks past his distracting, bombastic personality to focus on how he operates politically. "Trump has mastered the political media by causing you to lose focus and then re-center on whatever it is he's just said," she says in the magazine interview.

"While we're having this incredibly scandalous presidency, and the result of this foreign attack that had this big effect on our country, I get to come to work every day and make sense of it and explain it and find out new information about it, and put that out in the world," Maddow says. "I feel like I'm doing work that's needed. That feels good."

Considering the hotbed culture of cable news that she is part and parcel of, it's unusual that Maddow doesn't distract herself with charges of "fake news" and the latest post of Trump's Twitter account. Instead, she says "I am interested in the president denigrating the press – and the judiciary and the intelligence community and law enforcement – because that is important in terms of his behavior as an increasingly authoritarian-style leader, the type of which we have never had before at this level of American politics, period.

"I am not interested in it because it offends me. When speech becomes behavior, then it is relevant. I don't watch the press briefing. I don't read the president's tweets. In general, 'The president has tweeted X' is an overblown story."

Click here to read the complete Rolling Stone interview with Maddow.


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