Reid Shigemura

Text Summit Staff

Summit (S): How do you make use of the O'ahu Makerspace

Reid Shigemura (RS): Primarily, I'm using the Makerspace to build musical instruments for my company, Ho'okani Music.

S: What drives you to create?

RS: It's how I make a living; it's my passion in life. I'm a second generation luthier. My dad made musical instruments as well—he was a violin maker. My mom's a music teacher, my aunty is a music teacher; so I got it on all sides of my family. It's who I am and what I do.

S: How has the O'ahu Makerspace impacted your craft and your livelihood?

RS: Through the Makerspace, I've been able to meet a lot of interesting people and I've learned a lot of new skills—it's a community of people who craft things. I think that my skills have improved in woodworking just from the people I've met and conversations I have with people. I think it may have led to some new creations in my products and definitely gives me ideas on how to improve some of my products.

Read more about the O'ahu Makerspace here.


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