Fit for a king
Reviving the arts and forests of our past

All geared up

AHL celebrates its 70 year anniversary with the creation of a novel public pop-up space: Pedal Parc is here. Read more

UN-charted territory

A more transparent election process and a large field of candidates, four of whom are women, make this UN secretary general race an election of firsts. Read more

In motion

Motion is the evidence of life. In our island tradition it’s in the very word for person: kanaka, which translates to “quivering” or “shaking.” But, of course, it’s everywhere—in the midtown blur of Manhattan’s busy streets and in brief jaunts to some of Maui’s cultural hubs. It’s there in the oscillating arc of a violinist’s bow, as well as in the displacement of indigenous peoples encountering climate change; in our worldwide tour of the best bars and pubs, and in our more focused look at the troubled Levant and its diaspora.

Motion takes place in time as well as space. In this issue we follow the ancient art of hula as it is transported, via human vessels, across thousands of years to become a modern, global dance. And we trace the incredible transformation of trees into artisanal creations, and the intricate balance required to keep both the natural and the new in a state of constant flourishing.

You may notice an advancement in Summit’s own nomenclature. This is edition 2.0, which signifies both the start of our second full year of publication and an evolution in form and substance. Mahalo and enjoy.

Summit 2.0 is available at 400 retailers throughout Hawaii, the U.S. and Japan, and of course via the Summit Shop.